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K&N Automation

KN Deals with this Products
- Finely graded range of HMI devices is available for Operator Control and Monitoring at machine level.

• Micro panels

• Panels

• Multi panels

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KN Deals with this Products

• ET200 distributed I/O’s are remote I/O’s in SIMATIC

• Provides the ‘finer’ way for simplified and low-cost

field wiring tasks using Profibus-DP for remote I/O’s

• Distributed I/O behaves like centralized I/O in functional terms

• Configuring and parameterization of I/Os with STEP 7! No additional software!!

• Diagnostics, programming and control via PROFIBUS-DP fromany point on the bus system

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KN Deals with this Products
  • The compact, easy-to-use and low-cost solution for simple control tasks involving digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs without any complex logic and networking.
  • "All in one": Integrated display and operator panel for displaying values and messages.
  • Functions simple to change at the press of a key; no more time-consuming rewiring compared to conventional systems
  • Modular: expandable with up to 24 DIs, 16 DOs and 8 AIs
Modules for communications like AS-Interface & instabus EIB/LON                                                 [  Read More ]

KN Deals with this Products
  • The power PLC for the mid to high-end performance ranges
  • The solution for even the most demanding tasks for e.g. Closed loop control, Motion control etc.
  • With a comprehensive range of modules and performance- graded CPUs for optimal adaptation to the automation task
  • Flexible in use through simple implementation of distributed structures and extensive communications capabilities
  • Easy installation, user-friendly handling, uncomplicated and fan-free design                                          [  Read More ]

KN Deals with this Products
  • The modular mini PLC system for the low-end and mid performance ranges
  • With a comprehensive range of modules for optimum adaptation to the automation task
  • User-friendly handling, uncomplicated and fan-free design
  • Space-saving, modular design without slot rules for compact machine controls
  • Efficient processing speed for short machine cycle times,0.1 microseconds.
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KN Deals with this Products
  • The SINAMICS G120 fail-safe frequency inverter provides four safety functions, certified in accordance with EN 954-1,
    Category 3 and IEC 61508 SIL 2 :
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) to protect against active movement of the drive.
  • Safe Stop 1 (SS1) for continuous monitoring of a safe braking ramp.
  • Safely Limited Speed (SLS) for protection against dangerous movements when a speed limit is exceeded.
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