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KN Deals with this Products

•High capacity database technology enables safe data

tracking and transparent warehouse management.


•Servo-driven satellite and shuttle.


•Positioning control using absolute encoder.


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KN Deals with this Products

•Charging of the Storage by means of Jointed-Arm Robot


•Special Gripper Head with Roller Conveyor


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KN Deals with this Products
•High speed operation upto 21 bales/ hr of 250 kg each.
• Hydraulic motion control interface with Parker hydraulics through use of proportional valves.
• Hydraulic oil temprature and pressure monitoring and control.
• Linear and Rotary axes positioning and speed control using absolute encoders.
• Integrated weigher in the software using load cells
 High degree of safety integrated into the hardware and software design using light barriers and safety relays                                                                 [  Read More ]

KN Deals with this Products
  • Multifunctional Load carrier enables gentle handling of load, Product and intermediate layer with only one element.

    Servo controlled axis movements for accurate positioning.

    Capable of handling various product sizes and different layer patterns through HMI screen options, guarantee of the pallet outside shape at all times
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KN Deals with this Products
•Cycle time of 4s/ cycle for pick and place device.
•Two pick and place devices working synchronously for high throughput.
•Work space concept used in programming of pick and place device for safe operation.
•Full traceability of product handled using bar code readers.
•Ten AC servo axes with high speed position control using S curve.
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KN Deals with this Products
•Labour reduction in Carton Stacking, Warehousing,
•Reduced Injuries
•Reduced Carton Damage
•Increased throughput
•Less Squeeze Trucks & Manitenance
•Total Inventory Control

Auto Staging of Shipments.                                                                      

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