Automatic baling systems for staple fibres and tow from the fibre line to bale dispatch. We are the market leader in the field of fully automatic bale packing systems for staple fibres and tow. Our product portfolio comprises the entire range from fibre transport to baler, as well as bale transport and storage of the finally pressed, wrapped and strapped bales in warehouses.
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FILAMENTS  Filament Handling Systems
We have developed turnkey installations and machines for automatic handling of bobbins in the fibre and textile industry for 15 years. Starting from doffing of automatic winders via different types of transportation, quality inspection and sorting, up to packing and warehousing - we cover the complete product.
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CONSUMER GOODS  Consumer Goods Automation
We are specialized on automatic installations which cover the entire material flow starting from production machines up to intermediate storage of goods in buffer systems, also covering product commissioning, storage and dispatch.
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Autefa Baling Technology

Autefa is the global market leader in the field of fully automatic bale packing systems for staple fiber and tow. Autefa offers the entire range from fiber transport to the baler, as well as bale transport and storage of the finally pressed, wrapped and strapped bales in bale warehousing.
Today, a fully automated baling process with bale transport directly to the warehouse has become utmost essential, as due to the growing capacities of fiber lines, manual packing of bales would be impossible without massive use of labor and space.

Nonstop Baler 750/1500

Material to be compressed:
Siliconised and non-siliconised, man-made and natural staple fiber

Pressing forces: 750 kN, 2000 kN
up to 2000 kg/h
Bale weights:
up to 350 kg

Special features:
fully automatic wrapping and strapping device suitable for PP (smooth film) and
PE (woven fabric film) wrapping
high availability
closed press box
installation above floor - no foundation pit required for erection and commissioning
low power consumption
due to regulation of hydraulic unit
easy maintenance with reduced efforts

Additional equipment:
Intra-(Power-)Wrap, fully automatic wrapping & strapping
weigher inside push-in device resp. batch-weigher
gravity feeding resp. pneumatic feeding
bale transport system
bale weighing device
bale storage system


Automation of Staple Fiber Lines

Depending on how many fiber lines - one or several - should be automated we offer two concepts. Both are equipped with the automatic bale wrapping and strapping systems Intra-Wrap and Intra-Power-Wrap.
1. Lift-Box with Intra-(Power)-Wrap for the automation of one high capacity fiber line
2. Uni-Box with Intra-(Power)-Wrap for the automation of several fiber lines

Both concepts grants:
High capacity combined with a high availability
Extendable - suitable for step-by-step extension to a complete system

Automatic Horizontal Bale Press CB(H) 400 / CB(H) 750

Material to be compressed:
cardboard, paper, plastic, natural and manmade fibre

Pressing forces: 400 kN, 750 kN
up to 200 m˛/h
Bale weights:
up to 600 kg

Special features:
well-shaped bales with constant bale dimensions perfectly suitable for sea container loading
high pressing forces especially designed for materials with low extension after pressing
high capacities of up to 10 t/h
material compensation sensibly adjustable, optimum setting for any kind of material possible
low power consumption
easy maintenance with comparably reduced efforts

Bale Wrapping and Strapping

Depending on the specification, three alternatives are available for automatic wrapping and strapping:.Intra-Wrap, Intra-Power-Wrap and Ad-Wrap.

Reliable protection on the fibers against any kind of contamination
during transport or intermediate storage due to a consistently high
wrapping quality
Lower packing costs compared to conventional kinds of wrapping
and strapping
Two alternatives for the strapping meterial: steel band and PET band
Reduced freight costs are achieved by an optimized container due to
constant bale size according to the ISO standards


Ad-Wrap-fully automatic external bale wrapping:
flexible installation possibilities not sibjectet to connection to one
strong & elastic polyethylene film
- available in 80 to 200 µm
- more robust and durable than usual film
- substantial cost-saving compared with conventional woven-film
dense packaging of bales, low fibre contamination
high protection of strapping belts


Tow Plaiters and Balers

Various technological requirements render the automation of tow installations a very demanding task.
We provide specialized equipment for:
Converter Tow
Compact Tow
Acetate Tow
An automation of the entire process from the tow plaiter to the bale transport is possible due to our modular design.

Automation of Bale Warehouse

Highest efficiency of a fiber line can only be achieved by consequent automation of the complete final stage of fiber production. After wrapping and strapping we offer the following steps in the automated process:

Moisture measuring
Bale weighing
Sorting and pre-stacking
Storing-in / storing-out


Transfer Robots

area gantry palletizers, 3& 4-axial
high performance palletizer, 2-axial
linear palletizer, 2-axial
bulk glass sweep-off depalletizer
packer, 2 and 3-axial
standard palletizer, 2-axial

Storage Technology

portal frame / gantry crane
storage and retrieval units
satellite technology

Gripper Systems

sheet metal plate gripper heads
single gripper heads
hook gripper heads
row gripper heads
multi-gripper heads
forked gripper heads
suction gripper heads

Cargo Securing

wing pad applicator
wrapping machine

Stacking Units

carton stacker
case stacker
empty pallet magazines
tray stacker
full pallet stacker

Inspection Systems

visual shape inspection
pallet inspection
special systems

Transport Devices

monorail systems
automated guided vehicle systems
package conveyor
pallet conveyor
vertical conveyor

Data Systems Technology

warehouse administration software
product tracking
database systems
packing optimization
process visualization



Order related, our sophisticated packing robots are able to commission partial quantities to a customer-specific shipping unit from all provided product groups.

AUTEFA realizes transient warehouses, tray and block storages, warehouses with satellite technology and high bay warehouses. Proven and tested high-capacity database technology enables safe data tracking and transparent warehouse management.

Stafe-of –the-art software systems allow selective approch of the gripper systems after analyzing the recognized process parameters. This allows, in accordance with a set sequence order, a planned withdrawal of single selected products out of an unsorted total quantity.

Transport plays a central role within the process chain. For this reason, AUTEFA offers solutions for almost all conceivable interplant transport requirements.

Multifunctional gripper heads enable gentle product handling of load carrier, product and intermediate layer with only one element. Our sophisticated palletizers fully automatically realize the alignment of various layer patterns on varying pallet types and guarantee the accuracy of the complete pallet‘s outside shape at any time.

By application of state-of-the-art database technology as well as all commercially available marking and readings systems, the product will be safely identified during the entire process.

Automatically adjustable gripper heads with gripper elements specially adapted to the product based on our modular design concept, guarantee safe pick-up and gentle placing of the product into secondary packaging.

Process-integrated control and measuring systems constantly check the product‘s, secondary packaging and load carrier‘s quality.

In addition to classic stacking of products, we can offer new intelligent solutions, e.g. the patented Nested Carton Stacker for stacking and turning of partially opened cartons with PET bottles.

By reliable systems, the single products are not only protected against damage and contamination, but also the completed shipping units are secured for transport within and outside of the plant.

When speaking of buffering, we mean the buffer between two production processes for the increase of line efficiency. In connection with our warehousing systems, we additionally offer the possibility of production processes‘ decoupling (for product changeover, different machine capacities or production times).